Dept. Of Physics

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The department of Physics was established in the year 1982 with the B.Sc. program. Later, in the year 2006 master’s course (M.Sc.) in Physics was introduced. Presently, there are 4 faculty members in the department profoundly involved in the teaching and research. The department runs B.Sc. and M.Sc. (Physics) programs in the semester mode.

Besides the central library, the department has its own departmental library. There are about 200 books available in the departmental library.  The department comprises of U.G. and P.G. laboratories which are well equipped with the instruments. Physics department encompasses an independent society “INNOVATIKA” which organizes various extracurricular and cocurricular activities for students.

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Dr Vijaya Kumar Bisht

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Assistant Professor

Condensed matter Physics


Dr Deepak Kumar Upreti

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Assistant Professor



Shital Chauhan

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Assistant Professor

Material Science

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